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We joined DLN in the second term of this year. At the time my son, Matthew, was extremely depressed at his previous school and was at the point of failing English. We had his IQ tested and our psychologist recommended that due to his high IQ (dyslexia and slight Aspergers) we should move him to DLN.

Matthew is extremely happy at DLN, his marks have gone from low to in the 80’s. He is more confident, has more friends and actually wants to go to school. DLN is definitely the best choice we could have made for him. We have also recently placed our daughters with the school as well.

Kind regards

Claire van Rooijen

My son Thomas has attended DLN Cambridge Centre for 2 years starting in Grade 8(2016) and he is now in Grade 9.As a parent of the school and as a teacher myself, I have a good grasp of the workings of a school. I have been satisfied with the teaching and running of DLN. The children get individual attention and teachers are compassionate and understanding of the children’s individual needs. Communication systems are in place and we always know, as parents, what is happening through email and sms.

Leonie Leppich is always willing to take time to discuss my concerns and to respond to questions. Her knowledge of the Cambridge system and her attention to detail have aided in the efficient running of the school. She is organised  and extremely competent and has a good report with the learners.  She commands respect but is interested and caring in each of her students. Sincerely

Heather Connolly (Mrs.)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your DLN for the outstanding work you have done.  My child, Jayden Barnard, was in XXXXXX  a Cambridge School from Grade 00 and this year after her first term in Grade 2 I made the decision to remove her from XXXXXX  to DLN as she was not coping with the challenging environment and was failing.

Since her move to DLN, she is a different child!  The personal attention she receives, high standard of education and child focused home school environment has worked extremely well for her and she is now thriving. I choose DLN as it not only because you offered these wonderful and irreplaceable benefits but also that my child could still get a Cambridge approved education and I believe that DLN is the perfect positioned to ensure that Jayden will achieve this goal comfortably.

Leonie, thank you for all the effort you and your teachers at DLN school put into ensuring a bright future for my child and the other kids in your school!  It is with complete confidence that I am happy recommend you to the Cambridge institution as DLN school upholds and exceeds it's high standard of education.

Best regards,

Marisa Barnard(Jayden Barnard's Mum)

My son is currently attending school at Dios Los Ninios, Wilgeheuwel.  He has been there for the last 3 years and I have noticed only positive outcomes in his educational as well as emotional development. He enjoys school and has excellent marks.  I will strongly recommend DLN to anyone.  They have friendly and highly qualified staff as well as a therapist for extra assistance for the students.  Students are encouraged in a kind and gentle manner therefore they have more confidence during exams.

Kind regards

Natasja Botha

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of reference for DNL. 

My son Lesedi Moima is a Grade 8 student at DNL and I have saw his level of performance grows from being average to an outstanding student with great marks and thanks to the Dios Los NINOS School. As a parent I have seen a level of commitment and dedication when it comes to the school work in the classroom, level of professionalism from the teacher when giving a feedback regarding student/ learner performance and the overall administration of the school. 

We are kept informed with all activities happening in the school almost on the daily basis as it happens. I pride myself and son to be associate with DLN. The communication channel is very good.

I therefore recommend the school to my friends and colleagues – not only that, my son cannot stop talking about school, his classmates and the conducive environment of learning his experiencing on a daily basis. I am at peace that he feels at home while learning at the same time.

While the school is administrated so well thanks to the Principal of Dios Los NINOS for a job well done. Leonie is strongly committed to the school for which she has done a great work. She assertively addresses problems and exhibits a maturity beyond parents’ expectation in her approach to any situations arises.

In conclusion, I am certain that the school will produce well competed young girls and boys with outstanding marks and possesses the right combination of drive, intelligence, and interpersonal skills to excel though out until various Universities. 

Thank you and keep up the good work.   

Yours sincerely

Mrs Audrey Moima

Our experience at DLN, since inception has been nothing short of amazing.
Principal: Leonie Leppich, went out of her way to make time to meet us.

We had made the decision to enroll our son, Nilavan at DLN and he started at the beginning of the 4th term 2016. I was constantly in touch with Leonie to check that Nilavan was coping and settling in, Leonie was most caring and reassuring.

The welcoming reception received prompted our decision too also enroll our daughter, Tilika.
Tilika started at the beginning of 2017 and has only had great success.

Her results have proven that she is an A student, and this has been achieved with the personal touch and extra care from the teachers at DLN.
We love being part of the DLN family.

Kind Regards,

(Mrs) Roshnee and (Mr) Ruben Govender

My son had many unhappy school years which turned him into an angry and depressed young person with a very low self esteem.
I knew that although he is a smart and clever boy, he was just not coping with the pace in a class of 25 children.

Since he started At DLN, I have noticed a huge change in him. He actually wants to go to school in the mornings and is always happy at the end of each day. His marks have remarkably improved, and he has his self esteem back.

I would definitely recommend DLN to anybody.
Children should enjoy school and be able to keep up with the pace of our busy lifestyles.


When our son Peter started mainstream school he battled terribly to grasp any of the foundation phase concepts specifically reading as he was diagnosed earlier that year with autism and epilepsy. We realised that he would never cope in a mainstream school and looked at a number of schools who could assist us with his education. We discovered DLN Private school who assisted us greatly, firstly in understanding how Peter learns (which is very different from the norm) and secondly in accommodating and growing his potential. The teachers work very closely with him every day in the small classes and he has excelled beyond belief. DLN has done a great job in creating a desire within the kids to want to learn. Thank you DLN.

Keep well.

Debbie Rothman (Peter: Grade 4)

The difference in Jamie since moving him to DLN has been incredible. He is happy to go to school and comes home excited to share what he has learnt. He has gone from an environment where he felt “stupid and slow” to one where he is known, taught and addressed according to his own individuality and his academic results have improved hugely.

Tamsin Bradford (Jamie: Grade 5)

We were introduced to DLN when we experienced problems with our son’s previous school. We were impressed by the dedication and commitment of the teachers towards the leaners.

Teacher Leonie possesses a wealth of knowledge in child development stages by so enabling her to identify the key areas where they need to assist a learner to improve their school work.

DLN’s small group class allows teachers to pay enough attention to each child by so giving the teacher and idea of an area they can focus at improving the problem areas. This gives each child confidence to perform at their best. Continuous engagement between parent and teacher also gives us ease that our children are in excellent hands.

Our Son has been happy since he joined DLN; he loves going to school His grades have improved. The teacher and child relationship at DLN is the BEST. Our daughter has since joined her brother at big school.

Being part of the DLN Family is the best choice we’ve made for our children’s Future

Lindani Moss (Ntando: Grade 6 & Lihle: Grade 1)

My name is Kristen Mclachlan and I came to DLN in 2010. I was in grade 8 at the time and extremely behind in my education due to battling with grasping concepts, concentrating, processing information, low self esteem, and having a hard time overall with learning.

DLN was a platform that set me up for the rest of my life. They met me where I was and started building me up from the beginning. They didn't pressurize me in any way and instead of me revolving around education, they made education revolve around what I could manage. They pointed out the good stuff in me and walked alongside me where I battled with work. By DLN being an environment that was fun, interactive and hands on with work, it helped me blossom out of my shell and I started believing in myself and learning to love myself and fight the good fight.

DLN taught me not only amazing education, but valuable life skills that I am still using to this day. Without DLN, I would not be where I am today, they gave me the boost into life that I needed and I could not be more thankful for that.

In 2012, my family and I immigrated to America and I finished high school there. I graduated high school at Houston Heights High School in Houston, Texas in 2014. I was in the top 5 of my class for highest grades (90 and higher), I made national honour society, I was recognized by the state for most community service hours in Houston, reaching 2,800 hours and won an iPad mini for that.

During my time in high school in America, I fought for new school bathrooms, a counsellor on school site, and healthy foods sold at the school. After 18 months of legal battles, my voice was heard and new bathrooms were installed, 2 full time counsellors were hired and healthy food was catered in.

This would never have happened without DLN, they gave me a voice, determination and a belief in myself that has not only changed my life but is now changing lives in America.

I am now in Seminary School studying Theology, Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Care and Youth Ministry. I am also doing a Pastoral Care and Youth internship at the Vineyard Church in Minnesota.

I am so happy for DLN and the growth and impact they are making in the community around them! Go do great things DLN! Strive for the moon! I love you guys!

Kristen Mclachlan

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